You order me.
Commanding and gentle.

Get on your knees.”

Pointing to a pillow in front of your feet.
I obey.
Sinking closer to the floor. Closer to you.
Looking up, wanting, eyes open wide, mouth open wide, ready for worship.
Your hand cups my face
loving, longing
your finger on my tongue, down my throat

"mouth, open wide"

you command
as my lips beg to close. to keep you in me.

"mouth open wide, sweetheart".

I obey.
two fingers on my tongue, down my throat
a reward for my dedication.

I am dedicated
three fingers on my tongue, down my throat
i am salivating. holy water dripping down my cheeks. from my mouth under my skirt.

I am drunk.

you. are so intensely focused.

"are you okay, sweetheart?"

I nod. eyes shut.
four fingers on my tongue, down my throat"

"is this too much sweetheart?”

I shake my head no.
My heart opens wide begging for more

"do you want more sweetheart?"

My mouth now empty. Your fingers on my cheek. tapping softly. wet.

I nod. Your body moves closer.

"open your eyes. use your words, sweetheart"

I look up.



Elizabeth Lorde | 2019