Sacred Sacrilege

My clients confess their desires to me…

between white bed sheets,

beside discarded couch cushions,

on old carpeted floors.

I accept their secrets…

in exchange for devotion.

In exchange for an envelope filled with the sweetest offering.

They say that I make time stop for them…

That for a moment, they can breathe.
That the chaos of the world stops.
That the hopelessness halts.
That there is just the two of us


Arms locked in a backwards prayer.

Eyes locked searching for salvation.

Salivating mouths reciting biblical tongue twisters.

Their tongues’ twist and dance in-between my legs


I can feel the longing in the back of their throats.

For a moment, they just want to be

held without judgement.


vulnerable without judgement.


corrupted without judgement.


given permission to give into sybaritic, perverted desires without judgment.


witnessed at their most authentic.

For a moment…

I just want to be free of judgment.

and for a moment…

We are.

Elizabeth Lorde/ 2019