Please be sure to include 2 references from providers you have seen within the last 6 months. If you have never seen a provider, or don’t have a recent reference, you may choose one of my alternative screening methods:

  • Email me a photo of government issued identification and employment verification. In the references section of this form, please write “Will email”.

  • A 50% deposit to my email. In the references section of this form, please write, “Deposit sent”.

  • A phone call is required for all new clients.

Regular and pre-screened clients have the option of booking me through text or twitter for short notice sessions.

Pre-booked sessions can be made through the form below or through sending the necessary information to


Schedule for September


October is my birthday month! Let's celebrate together!

  • October 3-4: 10-7pm

  • October 7: 10-7pm

  • October 10-11: 10-7pm

  • October 13: 11-7pm

  • October 15-16: 10-7pm

  • October 18: 10-7pm

  • October 20: 10-7pm

  • October 22: 10-7pm

  • October 29: 10-7pm


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  • My priorities are safety and discretion, therefore screening is non-negotiable.

  • All info is kept confidential.

  • Non-Disclosure agreements are available.

  • FMTY currently only available within Canadian provinces.

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Please include the contact information of 2 service providers you have seen recently. If you don't have references, send a photo of government issued ID and employment verification to Remember that all information is kept confidential.

Thank you!