• Include all information outlined in the booking form.

  • Check my calendar or twitter for my availabilities.

  • For new and regular clients: You can book through this website, or by emailing me at This is best for booking appointments in advance or for booking longer appointments. This is also best if booking Cosplay, Role-play, BDSM, or Kink/Fetish sessions.

  • For regular clients: you can book through twitter by direct messaging me or book through Allegra. This is best for booking same day appointments.

  • My first priority is safety. For first time booking, please make sure to include screening information. This will include 2 provider references. If you don’t have a reference, a photo of government issued ID and employment verification can be accepted. Alternatively, I will accept a 50% deposit.

  • A phone call is required for first time clients. This is a one time occurrence.

  • All info is kept confidential.

  • Non-Disclosure agreements are available.

  • FMTY currently available within Canadian provinces.

  • If booking a Cosplay, Rolepay, BDSM, or Kink/Fetish session, please provide a detailed and professional email describing the type of experience you are looking for. Explicit descriptions will not be responded to.

  • If booking a cosplay session, please email a photo of the look you want me to replicate.

  • Please keep in mind that Roleplay, cosplay, and BDSM sessions come with high additional costs depending on preperation time, costumes, equiptment, and performance. These costs will be determined by the complexity and skill required for your request.

Our Date

  • Please be on time for our date. If you are running late, make sure to notify me ASAP. Not notifying me may result in your date getting cancelled.

  • Hygiene is extremely important. Please make sure you take a shower upon arrival or before my arrival.

  • Have the donation ready in an envelope and set it on the counter as soon as you arrive. If we are on a social date, have it in a discrete gift bag and give it to me when I arrive.

  • Social dates are for social time only. Social dates may be extended.

  • Gifts are never expected, but appreciated. If you’re unsure, a gift card of book would be lovely!

  • Relax and have fun!! I’m excited to see you!!


  • If you do not show up for a date and do not follow up with me within 2 days, you will be blacklisted.

  • If you do not show up for a date and do follow up with me, you will be asked to provide a deposit to all future dates.

  • Cancellations must occur within 24 hours. If not, cancellation fee may apply.

  • For longer dates, cancellations must occur within 48 hours. Deposits will be kept if the cancellation occurs after this period.